Artisan Stories

Digar Ram

Digar Ram is involved in this work from 10 years and is Mask and Instrument maker with high school degree. He learnt this skills from his grandfather. This mask and instrument making tradition is ongoing from 3 generations and he wants his next generation to continue this tradition. There are 8 members in his family and he’s the only one who is currently engaged in this tradition and the female members helps him. He is connected with Bhaav raag taal natya academy and makes product only for them. The raw materials like wood and copper comes from Pithoragarh.

Mrs. Neha Pangtey

A small village with an aw- inspiring panorama of snow-capped Himalayan ranges, Munsiyari situated in Pithoragarh district of Uttrakhand state – is undoubtedly a picturesque view to savour. But in reality life is quite difficult because of the rugged terrain and adverse climatic conditions. But amazingly the people, the tribes, the community lives in the hills have their distinct culture and tradition, which is very endemic and alive. Hence, an organization named Himkutir Sangsthan was found in Vijaidham of Munsyari District by the Bunkar women in 2003. Presently, Neha Pangtey Ji is the secretary of this organization since 2008.There are 5 active women who are continuously putting efforts to give the women associated with this organization a better livelihood. They are Parvati Pangtey, Dipa Devi, Kamla Tolia, Prema Brijwal and Neha ji herself.

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