Artisan : Prem Lal

Prem Lal is an extremely skilled ringaal weaver. His ringaal products are known for their beautiful designs and skilled mastery. Prem lal also provides training to the women and all the enthusiast learners helping them to work for their living. He has been practicing this beautiful art of bamboo weaving for 20 years and this has only been his source of income. Premlal has also been an active member of Appro-priate Technology India a non-government organization that works with mountain communities of Uttarakhand, offering them innovative alternatives to subsistence agriculture.Today along with his wife and other members of the family manages the production and selling across the country. Currently they have lot of stocks as the sales and regular market channel shave been severely impacted due to impact of covid 19 lockdown.

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25.4cm* 6.35cm

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